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Influence of a Global Magnetic Field on Ion and Atmospheric Loss and Planetary Habitability

This 3-day workshop will be held virtually on June 15-17th. Sessions will be hosted from 9am ET to 1:30pm ET, including a 30-minute break.

Topics of discussion will focus on atmospheric escape (including ion outflow) from planets and moons, and the influence of planetary magnetic fields and stellar inputs on atmospheric retention. There will be interactions between scientists representing diverse scientific disciplines (Heliophysics, Astrophysics, Astrobiology, and Planetary Science) and approaches (e.g. observations, modeling, theory). Abstracts related to the following concepts are encouraged:

  • Atmospheric escape from planets
  • Ion outflow from planets
  • Influence of magnetic fields on atmospheric escape
  • Atmospheric/ionospheric chemistry related to atmospheric escape
  • Influence of stellar outputs and their variability on atmospheric escape
  • Influence of atmospheric escape on planetary evolution
  • Influence of Ionosphere-Thermosphere coupling on atmospheric escape
  • Exoplanet atmospheric loss and star-planet interactions
  • Future challenges and connections to other scientific fields

Note: the word atmospheric escape includes neutral and ion escape processes and rates.

Register for the Workshop

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This workshop is hosted by the MACH Center, supported by NExSS, sponsored by NASA’s Heliophysics DRIVE program.